B3lab is a laboratory of the Department of Electronics, Information and Bioenginering (DEIB), at Politecnico di Milano.

The lab has a long lasting expertise in biomedical signal processing, cardiovascular and cardiorespiratory modeling, modeling of neurosensorial and cognitive mechanisms and modeling of physiological systems. Our lab collaborates with several hospitals and clinics that provide data for medical image reconstruction and image processing for different purposes, for example for cancer classification, prediction of prosthetic loosening, pathophysiological understanding of neurodegenerative pathologies, non invasive quantification of anatomical and functional parameters from cardiac images (echography, margnetic resonance, computed tomography,…).

Since many years B3lab has been collaborating with several clinical research units, research institutes, and companies to perform data analyses, in particular, by means of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and deep learning approaches for patient risk stratification or for classification of pathological state (e.g. atrial fibrillation), for prediction of patient condition progress. The final goal is to develop a decision support system and to integrate different types of data for a multiscale analysis (from molecules to macroscopic measures, such ECG or arterial blood pressure) and in different contexts (radiomics, metabolomics, multi-omics).

B3lab has a long lasting expertise in bioinformatics and has several collaborations with the objective to improve the therapies and contribute to personalized and precision medicine.


The research activity of B3Lab covers a wide range of topics. The lab has a long lasting expertise in biomedical signal processing, cardiovascular and cardiorespiratory modeling, modeling of neurosensorial and cognitive mechanisms and modeling of physiological systems, e.g. several works are dedicated to the cardiovascular ANS regulatory mechanisms. The expertise in signal processing comprises a large variety of methods and approaches, among these non-linear methods and analysis of complexity.

The lab is also involved in projects with several industrial and academic partners for the remote monitoring with wearable and/or wireless devices for telemedicine applications, it has been involved in projects to improve contactless monitoring system (e.g. video camera signals for heart rate estimation).


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